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SSS® MV Galaxy High Density HMW Liner -23x32,6 mic,Natural

SSS® MV Galaxy High Density HMW Liner -23x32,6 mic,Natural

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Betco® AF79 Restroom Cleaner Fastdraw® - 2 L

This concentrated, nonacid formulation is designed to clean, disinfect and deodorize hard inanimate surfaces in a restroom. Bactericidal, fungicidal and Virucidal, it is proven effective against a broad spectrum of pathogens . The powerful odor-killing ingredients in this product help to counteract malodors. Use with confidence, this nonabrasive disinfectant cleaner will not harm plumbing, slow septic tank action, etch porcelain or pit fixtures. Pleasant Citrus Bouquet fragrance. Efficacious against VRE and MRSA, staph, salmonella, pseudomonas and HIV-1 (AIDS).

Alternate #33147

Betco® Best Bet™ Liquid Crème Cleanser - Qt.

This liquid crème cleanser quickly removes imbedded rust, soap scum, stains, grease, oxidation, hard water minerals and filth from a variety of surfaces. Thick clinging formula for vertical surfaces. Free rinsing. Fresh Mint fragrance.

Alternate #07712
$4.28/QT 12/CS

Betco® Classic Economy LD - 50 lb.

This excellent, phosphate-free laundry detergent, uses water softening and soil suspending agents to gently clean all types of fabric. Fresh lemon fragrance.

Alternate #55050

Betco® Pink Foaming Skin Cleanser - Gal.

Thick, rich luxurious foam provides a pleasant hand washing experience, maintains skin health and is recommended for frequent hand washing. Meets with FDA and CDC requirements for hand washing. Gentle to hands, cleans light to medium soils. Formulated with emollients to moisturize the skin, will not cause dryness or irritation. Meets FDA and CDC requirements for hand washing. Sealed packaging, 99% product evacuation and keeps hand soap free of contaminants.

Alternate #75004

Betco® Symplicity™ Destainer 300 Laundry Bleach

Not for use on permanent press, wool or non-colorfast fabrics. Excellent destaining. Highly concentrated for optimum bleaching. Liquid concentrated formula. Restores whiteness to fabrics. Extends Linen use life.

Alternate #47778

Betco® Symplicity™ Sanibet™ Multi-Range Sanitizer

A highly concentrated EPA registered, no-rinse multi-range quat (150-400 ppm) sanitizer for dishes, glassware, and silverware. Use as little as 1/4 oz per gallon of water for sanitizing. A red color indicator provides visual confirmation of use.

Alternate #23705

GOJO® Thick Pink Antiseptic Lotion Soap - Pour Gal.

Economical lotion soap provides germ-killing action. Contains .03% chloroxylenol (PCMX). For general restroom use. Triclosan Free. Formula Color: Pink. Fragrance: Pleasant.

Alternate #1847-04
$16.45/GL 4/CS

Betco® Clario® Foaming Skin Cleanser - 1000 mL Bag

Rich, gentle foaming formula with thick lather that will not cause dryness. Cleans and moisturizes. Contains emollients. Fresh neutral scent. Thick and rich cleansing.

Alternate #75629

Betco® Green Earth® Peroxide Cleaner - Gal.

For daily use on floors, showers, glass and other hard surfaces. This one product can clean your entire facility. Green Seal™ Certified. Will not damage clothing like traditional bleach cleaners.

Alternate #33604
Green $21.20/GL 4/CS