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Pitt Eco Strong™ Coreless Liner - 44 x 55, 1.5 mil

Pitt Eco Strong™ Coreless Liner - 44 x 55, 1.5 mil

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Betco® Bol Maid® Porcelain Toilet Bowl Cleaner - Qt.

Pleasantly scented cleaner contains 9% Hydrogen Chloride and detergents to quickly remove rust, scale, stains, hard water mineral deposits and urine salts. Pleasant Mint fragrance. Inhibited to protect pluming and fixtures.

Alternate #07212
$2.72/QT 12/CS

Betco® FiberPro® Foam Control - Gal.

This highly concentrated product quickly penetrates and knocks down foam to eliminate problems associated with recovery tank foaming.

Alternate #40304
$21.21/GL 4/CS

Betco® Kling™ Toilet Cleaner - Qt.

Thickened, 9% hydrochloric acid toilet bowl cleaner contains detergents and compounds that quickly remove rust, scale, and hard water mineral deposits. Clings on vertical surfaces for longer contact time. Mint fragrance.

Alternate #07512
$3.13/QT 12/CS

Betco® Spray Foam Degreaser - Gal.

Carefully formulated to be used on many surfaces in food processing areas to quickly remove all types of animal fats and associated soils. Clinging foam allows easy cleaning of vertical surfaces.

Alternate #12604
$16.41/GL 4/CS

Betco® Symplicity™ L-S-R Delimer - Gal.

Concentrated Delimer formulated with a blend of organic and inorganic acids combined with controlled foam surfactants for superior performance. Low foaming. Pleasant fragrance.

Alternate #24804
$29.81/GL 4/CS

Betco® BioActive Solutions™ No Rinse Floor Cleaner

Uniquely formulated with detergents emulsifiers builders and Proprietary BioActive non pathogenic bacteria that digest complex proteins starches and fats found in foodservice and other applications. Saves labor because it eliminates the need to rinse and the non-pathogenic bacteria continues working even after the floor is dry and with regular use it improves traction resulting in a cleaner safer work environment. Proprietary blend of surfactants and non-pathogenic bacteria for immediate and extended cleaning. Enhanced with SenTec's Unique Dual Malodor Technology. No rinse formulation.

Alternate #25847

Betco® Symplicity™ Sanibet™ Multi-Range Sanitizer

A highly concentrated EPA registered, no-rinse multi-range quat (150-400 ppm) sanitizer for dishes, glassware, and silverware. Use as little as 1/4 oz per gallon of water for sanitizing. A red color indicator provides visual confirmation of use.

Alternate #23705

Betco® pH7 Ultra Fastdraw® Neutral Floor Cleaner

When used as directed, it will thoroughly wet, emulsify and suspend soil from highly polished floor surfaces without attacking the gloss of the floor. Guaranteed to never dull, haze or leave a film. Low Foam, perfect for automatic scrubber applications.

Alternate #17847

Betco® Symplicity™ Blaze Machine Detergent - 8 lb. Jar

Highly concentrated, 100% active solid detergent for use in both high temperature and low temperature dishmachines. Product is 100% active ingredients. No misuse, can only be used in chemical management system. No waste, all product is evacuated from the capsule. 4/cs.

Alternate #23973